Apparechiamo la tavola - Let's set the table

To view text select "Tavola"

Che ora sono?

To view text select TIME

Le parti del corpo

To view text select PARTS

Conversation continued

Press the pause button to answer the questions!
To read conversation select text

Verbo essere - Verb to be

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A conversation with Ms. Grasso Voki

  1. Listen to the voki
  2. Answer and/or ask question as they apply to the conversation
  3. You can pause the Voki when you answer the question 
  4. Write down the answers if necessary to help you answer the questions

    1. listen and practice with the other vokis
    2. don't forget to ask "E tu?"
    3. make a list of the colors so you have them handy
    4. have fun!
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    I numeri per dieci 10-100

    to view text select numeri.

    I numeri 11 - 20

    To view text select numeri.

    Days of the week sentences

    To view text select sentences.

    La famiglia - The family

    To view text and plurals, select La famiglia.

    Verbo Avere - Verb To Have

    To view text select Verbo Avere.

    I colori

    To view the text select I colori.

    Introduction conversation

    To view the script select Conversation.

    I numeri 1 - 10

    I mesi

    Select mesi to view text.